Friday, May 07, 2010

We were liquored up on whiskey and drunk on love...

I don`t want to turn this into a music blog, but just to stay musically balanced after the Orsons entry, i have to post about another band i really enjoy right now, that makes totally different music ;)

I like to discover new music, so maybe one or the other enjoys this, too.

Saintseneca is a band from Columbus, Ohio, that makes very nice folk music.

You can download and listen to their two EPs in full here or you can download it from amazon.

P.S.: I forgot to mention in my last post. You can download the Maeckes Album "Null" from Chimperator for free and 100% legal HERE !

P.P.S.: Just a reminder. You can still vote for my shirt-design till monday (see two posts below). So if you like the shirt and like to help me get it printed, please go on laFraise and vote for it (please hit the 5 or "will buy" button :)) !!!

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